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About Me


I was born in a village in the Suphanburi province, and grew up with my grandmother who was a renowned local cook. Whenever people in the village organised a party, wedding or another event, they came to our house to ask her to come and help them plan the menu and arrange the dishes.

After I moved to Bangkok, I studied marketing and hotel management, and then spent over a decade working in five-star hotels in Bangkok and Hua Hin.

My job was mostly executive services which is how I met interesting people from all over the world, and travelling became one of my greatest desires and dreams. 


My German foster parents who I met in Thailand in 2001 invited me to Europe several times, and together we travelled through Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland and Austria. 

In 2016, I started visiting the Czech Republic regularly, and during the next two years I visited France, Italy and Poland.

While staying in Prague, I went to many Thai restaurants out of curiosity, but their choice was limited and most of the original vegetables were local replacements.


I thought that some of them were really far from the real Thai taste which is always unique and strong and never boring.

Earlier this year, I moved to Prague and at first I though I would go back to hotel business. But without speaking Czech, it turned out to be dificult.

But when I saw how the people we often invited for Thai dinners loved the food, I got an idea. 

I remembered how I always wanted to bring back the delicious dishes of my childhood.


I remembered how I used to run my own street food restaurant specializing in Khanom Jeen Namya in Bangkok. It lasted only two years, it was simple and small - but it sold out every day.

I searched around the Asian grocery stores in Prague, found basically everything I needed, and I decided to bring to Prague something new.


The taste of real Thai food.

Food with no replacements of the original ingredients. Food with no compromises on the taste. Foods that makes you hungry the minute you look at it and smell it. 

Delicious, spicy, diverse, colorful, healthy.

I believe that I have what it takes to make such food. I have the passion for cooking. I have the experience in dealing with people. I have the patience to always improve. I have the curiosity to learn new things. And I have those great memories of my grandmother's cooking skills.

Whether it’s lunch delivery, home catering or cooking classes, you can soon give it a try.

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